Agile Assessment

Conducting an assessment as a diagnosis to evaluate the organization’s performance as a unit, results in identifying the key areas of improvement that will enhance the organization’s overall effectiveness.

​Organizations are constantly trying to adapt and survive the world's challenges to transcend and endure in time looking towards a high-level organizational performance. This is a complex concept that engages a whole organization aligned with the mission, vision, and goals.

When working with organizations that are moving to Agile, the assessment will yield a maturity or readiness state that will determine the development of recommendations, action plans to continue and measure progress in their Agile Transformation.

Why do we assess organizations?

We will provide a final report with results and recommendations

for each level of the organization assessed.

What is the value in it?

How do we do it?

What do de evaluate?

The scope of the assessment entails the organization’s structure, work culture, and processes review. Our team of certified coaches will explore the organization outcomes, productivity, strategies, goals, procedures, environment, etc, by the application of interviews, surveys, and examination sessions as needed.​

Identify areas that need training support

Build a Continuous Improvement Roadmap

Recognize the Agile adoption level of the organization

Evaluate organization’s performance using as baseline Industry Standards

Understand the complexities at the organization and validate assumptions

Support organizational self-sustainability

Determine the change agents that will promote the Agile Transformation

Provide guidelines and better customization in the delivery of our services

  • Leadership Capabilities Assessment

    • High Performing Teams

    • Leadership Capabilities 

  • Organizational Alignment Assessment

    • Organizational Agility

    • Strategic Alignment

    • Strategic PMO

  • Agile Teams Maturity Assessment

    • Agile Teams Maturity

    • Agile Transformation Team