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Zoom repository

You will have access to view our weekly recorded events.  This also includes presentations that are not copyrighted. 

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Receive monthly newsletter that keeps you up to date with events, articles, and training discount codes.  



Training, Events, Books


You will be eligible to receive special discounts for members only.

Receive Badges

Based on accomplishment

As you progress and expand your knowledge, you will receive badges that show your contribution and skillset mastery.

Posts and Discussion Forums

Feedback and collaborate


You will be able to participate in the Posts and Discussion Forums.  Some topics will only be visible for members. 

Career Path Coaching

Expand your sphere of influence

You will be eligible to participate in the membership career path program.  Creating a personalized roadmap to your future endeavor.  Recommendations and job opportunities will be available for members that have demonstrated a level of understanding of Agile (mindset, processes and tools) .

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