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2-hour Session ─ 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM

We are Transformation Experts coaches that have come together to create a forum for like-minded people who are interested in interacting and learning agile in a fun and safe environment. We challenge and support each other to learn and to reach new heights. Members may come in for different reasons, but we share the main concept of continuous improvement, giving back to the community and unity.

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Saturdays 8:30 am, EST

  • 8:30  - 8:40: Welcome & Onboarding 

  • 8:40  - 10:15: Agile Basics & Advance Topics/Exercices

  • 10:15  - 10:30:  Summary of Learnings

  • 10:30 - 11:00:  Happy Hour


Our Coaches Welcome You!


Our coaches are here to help facilitate and support you in your journey. We are true believers of teaching from the back of the room and giving space for self-learning and experimenting. The talent and experience of the members are crucial for the success of the team’s learnings, and we encourage self-organization.

Break Out Sessions:

  1. Agile Basics: If your new to Agile and would like to understand the fundamentals. (Basic Scrum, Kanban foundations: Mindset, Agile roles, ceremonies, artifacts) This is more instructor-led but will also give opportunities for cross-collaboration. 

  2. Agile Advanced: If you have some Agile experience and want to learn more Advance Agile topics (Scaling Agile, Agile Leadership, Agile Transformation recommendations, etc...) Our Enterprise Agile Coaches will share their knowledge and experience. 

  3. Agile in Spanish: Join our Spanish speaking coaching session, where our Spanish community shares their Agile best practices.  

  4. Initiative: Our Senior coaches is getting ready to create an initiative to guide the team to a real life Agile experience.

New Attendees


  • New Attendees Welcome & Introductions

  • Facilitation Format: Lean Coffee

  • Facilitation Logistics: Zoom Breakout Rooms

  • How to move to a Breakout room? Add Breakout room number in front of your zoom name

  • How to get Admin Support? Use chat to ask for Admin assistance. Search for the name starting with Admin.


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