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Adobe AI Generating Tools

Hey, there folks. Today I wanted to share with you one of the latest trends in AI technology that have been captivating artists and designers alike. It's called the generative fill tool, and it's taking creative possibilities to a whole new level.

The generative fill tool is a powerful feature that allows us to generate custom images based on prompts. In this case, we used it to generate a picture. Of a car. After selecting A desired variation of the generated car, we wanted to add. A pool or pond. By typing a prompt, the generative fill tool generated a pool filled with water, impressively including a reflective view of the car. Say you also want to add a cloud. Make a selection, type your prompt, and wait for it to generate your element.

One particularly impressive feature is the expand function. Using the crop tool to stretch the canvas, create a panoramic effect, giving the image a wider perspective to refine the selection, and invert the existing picture. Returning to the generative fill tool, leave the prompt blank, allowing the AI technology to determine what should fill the areas beyond the existing photo. And like magic, the missing parts were filled in flawless sly.



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