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Is Agile a Millennial? Is it Ready to Move out of The House?

How old were you when you moved out of your parents’ house? As we get close to Agile’s 20th anniversary, we take the opportunity to reflect on the Agile journey.

Our Coaches walked us from the origins of Agile and reflected on the impact that Agile has had in the world throughout the years.

We’ve been doing “Agile” way before it was named that way, and it’s impressive to see how much it has changed, and how the perception of the community still differs. Despite all of this, we all can agree that the Agile mindset has impacted our lives in many different ways.

Now the last question is, is Agile here to stay?

Key topics:

  • History of Agile

  • What is Agile?

  • How did "Agile" become Agile?

  • The figure of the Developer

  • Agile or Project Management

  • Agile after 20 years

  • What comes next for Agile and its community?

Watch the full meeting here



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