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Become a strategically aligned and outcomes-driven organization.

In this 2-day course, you will learn the history of OKRs, how to coach an organization through a successful OKRs implementation, and advanced uses for OKRs, such as the Business Value Delivery Framework. This course shapes a greater perspective around OKRs as it incorporates learnings from Agile practices, organizational strategy, value stream alignment, systems thinking, and metrics.

Topics covered

  • The "why" behind the OKR framework

  • How to develop world-class Objectives and Key Results

  • Coaching and Facilitating the creation of quality OKRs

  • Coaching an organization through the 5-step OKR Cycle

  • How to develop an OKRs implementation strategy for your organization

  • Scaling OKRs to accomplish a deeper alignment

  • Connecting Strategy to Execution with the Business Value Delivery Framework

  • OKR management tools to optimize your OKRs program

Who will benefit?

  • New OKRs Champions and Coaches

  • Transformation Coaches and Consultants

  • Program and Project Managers

  • Product and Product Line Management

  • Portfolio and PMO Leaders

What you'll get?

  • Course workbook & OKR Framework Implementation Tool Kit

  • Scaled OKRs Coach Certificate

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Scaled OKRs Certified Coach (SOCC) Training

Why to take this class?

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