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Agile Basics

Can Agile help you better plan your next family trip? It sure can!

As Agile becomes more popular every day, a new question surges: How can I start learning Agile? Although there are several online resources and trainings available, some people still can’t get the whole picture of what Agile can do for them.

In this meeting, our Chief Executive Coach Rick Regueira, a seasoned Agile leader, with several years of experience working with high-performing teams and backed up by many Agile certifications; will walk us through the most basic Agile processes to get familiarized with.

Get ahold of this foundational knowledge along with a blueprint ready for you to start achieving greater efficiency and productivity in your work and daily tasks!

Key topics:

  • The “Decision Funnel”

  • Why is important to have a “decision taker” (Product Owner)

  • The traits and accountabilities of the Scrum Master & The Scrum Team

  • Fostering collaboration

  • The Sprint Ceremonies

  • The power of timeboxing

Watch the full meeting here



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