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Agile Epiphanies

Thank you for attending the first meetup of 2021! The start of the new year is a great time to reflect on how our lives have changed and what we can to improve ourselves. Our Sr. Agile Coach, Leon Sabarsky, guided us in a conversation about our journey of self-reflection and improvement through “Agile Epiphanies” — “A-ha Moments” and realizations our Agile community experienced during the past challenging year.

When it comes to Agile, the impact on our work and personal life may differ, but most people will agree that Agile has been life-changing on many levels. Check out our meetup to discover how this framework has changed hundreds of lives and how it can help you get to wherever you want to be.

Key topics:

  • Why are people interested in Agile?

  • When does Agile become something “real”?

  • How did you realize the value of Agile?

  • Can you go back to other non-Agile ways of working after experiencing Agile?



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