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Behavior Driven Development BDD-My Experience changed

How do you convince someone that needs change?

Sometimes we get too entangled with tradition, we fixate on how things (processes) are made, and we make it our priority number one. In fact, we show so much devotion to our routines that when results go red, we fight everything that implies change even though people desperately need solutions. These processes over people was the context from which our speaker, Robert Sarnack, will be narrating his experience with BDD.

As a Scrum Master with experience in Q&A Analysis and Operation Analysis, Robert has an in-depth inside on what the users or Product Owners needed, what type of behavior they were expecting, and how soon it needed to be done. For this reason, he was able to design the marketing/sales strategy that would allow him to sell the benefits of Behavior-driven development to the Three Amigas (The Triads).

The meetup video you are about to watch unfolds Sarnack’s journey on how he managed to negotiate with the developers, testers, and users to make them want to give BDD a chance. You will benefit from the learnings you will get over the strategy and the day-to-day work that took to explain the benefits of using BDD. In a way, this meetup portrays the work Robert Sarnack did to open the team’s mind to lead them to a path where BDD provides a win-win situation for the company. If you are looking for inspiration to bring about change in your work environment, this meetup is for you.

Click on the link below and find out how.

Key topics:

  • Expectations versus reality

  • When reality sets in change is needed

  • Negotiating with the Triads

  • BDD Steps

  • Common Myths and Misunderstandings: Automation- Discovery

  • Signs of Use of BDD

  • Scenario exercises

Watch the full meeting here:



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