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Change Your Company's Culture - Start Here!

What makes change so difficult for organizations?

For many companies and organizations, change and transformation are constant bringers of efficiency and improvement. The ability to adapt has been one of the key traits that have kept people on top of challenges and thrive. But why is it so difficult for some organizations to make real, meaningful changes?

In this meeting, Our Senior Coach Marcelo Lopez tackles the main reasons why people tend to resist change and how we can start overcoming the challenges of trying to take an organization through a real transformation.

Agile transformations have proven to drastically increase productivity and efficiency by changing the way teams are managed and improving the internal processes of an organization, but there is still a constant problem when people don’t really get Agile or keep it at the “ceremonial” level.

Marcelo shows us what a real transformation looks like, what is our role in it, how we can use meta-leadership to start influencing our teams, and how to deal with the most common problems when facing transformation. Start the change in your life and your organization here!

Key topics:

  • Why change is so difficult?

  • Agile Transformation vs Fake Agile

  • The change starts with you!

  • Meta-leading for change

  • Dealing with resilience to change

Watch the full meeting here



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