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Coach Can You Help Me with....?


If you could have one hour with an Agile coach, what would be the question to ask that would deliver the most value?

Marcelo Lopez and Rick Regueira decided to open up Wednesday’s meetup session to have a feel of the South Florida Agile Association. The topic is getting help from an Agile coach, so the audience had the opportunity to put in writing the most valuable questions to which they need an answer.

Does an Agile Coach have all the answers? Asks Coach Marcelo Lopez

Inevitably no, there are scenarios that require an in-depth understanding of the situation someone is going through. Every person is different, each situation is unique, an agile coach doesn’t have a cookie-cutter answer that will fit in on everything; in fact, as Rick Regueira said to this question “The answers to truly buy-in on something have to be absorbed by people you are working with; even if we had all the answers this might not work for you, where are you at in your career? What would truly work for you? Here lies the value”.

So what did the Audience asked?

The topics revolved around Agile culture, Servant Leadership, how to build an effective Agile team, and cross-functional teams. As Agile coaches, Lopez and Regueira put the focus back on the audience and invited participants to share what their thoughts were on each question. The richness in feedback is not solely found in one source of information, but in different perspectives filled by people’s backgrounds and lessons learned. The value here is actually the shift in a dynamic where the audience turned out to be the coaches guided by two senior coaches to help an Agile community remove a blocker in their Agile Journey.

Would you like to know how, and what were the answers to these questions? Click here and watch the full session!

Key topics:

  • Help from a coach

  • Grouping the questions and prioritizing

  • Does an Agile Coach have all the answers?

  • Cross-functional teams

  • The Value of knowing what you don’t know

  • What is an Agile Culture?



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