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Driving Culture While Working Remotely

Driving a Culture While Working Remotely is not only the topic for this Agile meetup event but also a challenge to every company that wants to foster a healthy and forward-looking work environment. If leaders are to succeed in this quest, then an inspect and adapt mindset is required to face the volatile and complex world we live in. Right now, one of the most important challenges we are facing post covid is the so-called Hybrid Culture. So what does that mean to be “hybrid moving forward”? In this blog post, we will be tackling some of the items that could lead us closer to an answer to that question. However, if you are looking at watching the full meetup video, please click here and enjoy!

Driving Culture While Communicating

As leaders, we should be able to communicate and influence others despite the challenges we are facing as a company or as a team. We might not be able to succeed at every single challenge, but we can use that experience to learn and adjust. With that in mind, in order to adjust, first, we need to properly communicate what’s missing, what we can do better, and ask powerful questions to spot the areas of improvement. So, how do we communicate with our team members? Do we provide quality feedback? Think about it, if the goal is to drive a strong culture in this hybrid situation we are living in, how can this feedback that I am providing affect other’s people buy-in to this cultural change? When communicating, we need not only to get the message across but to create a positive impact that will add to that culture we want to drive as we gain people’s support.

Driving Culture with a Strategy

The next key element to drive a culture while working remotely is to have a strategy. However, the first question we need to ask is, do we have a vision and a mission to communicate? This is foundational, there is no culture to drive across without first having a goal to commit to.

This begs the next question while going through this hybrid environment change, what is your team committing to? The truth is, nobody knows if this will work out, but that does not give us permission to sit on our thumbs and see what happens. We can take control and put a strategy in place, and assert a better future for your team. As a leader, think of what strategy you are discussing with your coworkers to drive a better work culture and face challenges to the best of your abilities.

Driving Cultural Change

Something to keep in mind if you are driving a cultural change is, there will be obstacles to face and overcome. Resistance, lack of commitment, and lack of focus seem to be among the first ones to tackle. But, why is that? Is it because there are too many distractions? In our meetings and workshops, are we inviting the right audience? How can we keep people updated without having too many meetings? There isn’t a cookie-cutter answer for these or other complex questions, each work environment is different, and it requires a customized strategy to keep driving cultural change. If you are interested in learning more about this particular topic, click on this link and check out the full Meetup video.

Key topics:

  • Providing feedback

  • What’s the strategy

  • Creating your future.

  • Driving Cultural Change



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