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“Future of The Agile PMO” Panel Discussion

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The PMO experience within an Organizational Agile Transformation

Breaking down silos, getting rid of the bureaucratic system that slows the company down, and improving the release to market time to our customer solutions are some of the many pain points exposed by the panelist that lead organizations to embark on an Agile transformation.

Where does the PMO role fit in? The role is now evolving and changing to ultimately become a center of enablement. In doing so, the PMO moves away from total control and welcomes a servant leadership approach within an Agile transformation. Also, the PMO is becoming Agile Supporters, Agile Promoters, and Agile Orchestrators.

In this week’s panel discussion, our 5 influential PMO leaders dive deeper into 9 questions related to their experience in an Agile transformation while leading their organization's Project Management Office.

Take part in this debate and watch the full outcomes of the meeting here!

Key topics:

  • Why did your company start an Agile Transformation

  • What is the Role of the PMO in the Agile Transformations

  • What were the immediate changes Implemented by the PMO in the transition from Waterfall to Agile

  • What were changes in the PMO Roles, approach, and lessons learned

  • How does the organization utilize Agile coaches and justify their value

  • What are the Agile best practices capabilities implemented by the PMO

  • How has the value of the PMO in your organization changed

  • What is the future of The Agile PMO vision

Watch the full panel discussion here



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