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How might Agile Technical Practices Help Your Team be more High Performing?

Agile Technical Practices, should you do them before you understand the value?

Many Agile teams start off their Agile journey by doing Scrum. They learn the Scrum roles, the ceremonies, and the framework; all that to embark as one team with a common goal. Don’t get us wrong, those are great first steps to follow up which help assimilate what the agile mindset is, what the agile frameworks do, and in a more practical and tangible way see results from this different business model.

However, an area that is commonly forgotten but who could also benefit from Agile practices is the development team. Sadly, the quite often overlooked Agile practices that could benefit the teams are the Agile Technical Practices, as our Senior Coach Leon Sabarsky remarked on the April 7th Meetup “Not working on the Technical Practices is a big miss in terms of getting your teams being high performing”.

This big miss is probably due to a lack of understanding of the benefits these practices bring along. It could also be due to a lack of knowledge about the principles behind them and how deeply related they are with the Agile manifesto. One could say they are intertwined. When looking at the Extreme Programming principles, for example, we can see amazing similarities with the 12 principles, one of them being “embrace change”, change is good, change is for the better, let’s support the client’s quest for the better through change.

Perhaps another approach to starting this conversation is examining the benefits thoroughly and tracing them back to the Agile Technical Practices. Surely a question could arise from that conversation, one like “What if these benefits lead our team to high performing?”

The main purpose of this Meetup is to bring up the following questions and have a conversation about it. Which Agile Technical Practices should we adopt? Which one would make more sense to our current team dynamic? What are the benefits of embracing these Agile Practices?

If you are interested in how to make your Agile organizations more powerful, check out this video! Start understanding the benefits of the Agile Technical Practices and how they can help your team become high-performing.

Key topics:

  • Ken Beck, Extreme Programming (XP)

  • Five XP Principles

  • XP Practices

  • What technical / engineering practices does your team practice?

  • Benefits realized from technical / engineering practice(s)

  • DevSecOps

  • DevOps technical practices

  • What DevSecOps engineering practices does your team have?

  • Automated Testing - Gherkin

  • Where does XP & DevSecOps fit in?

  • Comparison between XP & DevSecOps

  • What technical / engineering practices might you adopt and why?

  • Benefits to be realized from DevSecOps practices?

Watch the full meeting here:



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