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Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership as a topic started to grow in Carlos Santofimio as a result of a journey he began many years ago. When he started his first job as a web designer, he would have never imagined the growth path that would take him to feel more inspired and assertive to deliver more value to the company he was involved in. It all started with a desire to learn more about other people’s stories. This is where The Radical Leap joined the picture. Once Carlos got his hands on it, he felt radically inspired by a transformative view on leadership that was deeply personal yet practical that could be useful for all business areas including nonprofits, education, and personal development.

Inspiration and The LEAP Framework

It all starts with finding inspiration that can fuel you or motivate you to create. What motivates you? This is the question our speaker answers when he goes back to his own motivation source and remembers the sunrise, the beach, the sunset, and nature. These simple things inspired him to the point that encouraged him to move to Miami and settle down there with his family.

We also see inspiration permeating in the LEAP Framework: “Four words that describe leadership...Love, Energy, Audacity, Proof”. This is, broadly speaking, Steve’s proposal to what leaders should embrace in order to truly lead. What can motivate you more than love for what you do? If you cultivate love, It’ll show, and it will inspire your customers. In other words, “do what you love in the service of people who love what you do”.

The Extreme Leader/ Pain + Reflection = Progress

Carlos, inspired by this framework, decided to apply it not only within his work environment but also in his personal life as he is committed to growing as a leader. Here is where the extreme leader identity comes into play within the Radical LEAP Framework. Steve defines it as follows, “an Extreme leader learns to love the fear and exhilaration that naturally comes with leading... that love is what makes the fear of the “sport” worthwhile.

To put it in simple terms, an extreme leader cultivates love, generates energy, inspires audacity, provides proof. If a leader is not able to base what he does on love, then he or she won’t be able to make a true impact on the people who benefit from that service. This love must sustain, inspire and be true because if it is fake everyone will notice it. An extreme leader generates energy to give it to others; think of a good source of energy such as your principles, your vision, and your passion. Your work environment should reflect that energy instead of draining everyone else’s. Finally, an extreme leader should inspire audacity, starting with him or her.

How does it Apply to Agile Delivery?

If you combine an extreme leader’s principles with people and interactions over processes and tools, plus the continuous improvement mindset within servant leadership, we do have a powerful combination. Agile as a mindset being manifested in several frameworks is not a perfect science, and we as agilist don’t think that perfection was the intention in the first place. Think of the customer value a team or organization can deliver with a powerful mindset and a mighty framework.

What do you think are the possible outcomes? Let us know in the comments below!

Do you want to join the online meetup experience? Watch the full video and enjoy Steve Farber himself doing a Q&A session at the end of the session.

Key topics:

  • The Radical Lead & Steve Farber

  • OS!M

  • The Extreme Leader

  • Take-Aways

  • How it Applies to Agile Delivery

  • Growing Concerns

  • Assertiveness

  • 15 Min (Teamwork Inspiration)

  • Video 1 / Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin (3 Min)

  • Video 2 / GFT Talents (3 Min)

  • Video 3 / Love is Good Business (3 Min)

  • Digital Einstein Experience (6 Min)



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