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Is There Room for PM in Agile?

Project Management has no room in Agile, is that the case?

Once an organization decides to go through an Agile transformation, the question that comes up every time is “what do we do with Project Management and the Project Managers?”. Although traditional project management and Agile have several differences, there is a way to take full advantage of both and create a mixed approach that benefits Agilists, PM’s and the organization.

Our Senior Coach Leon Sabarsky, with more than 20 years of IT experience and more than 10 years as an “Agile evangelist”, will dive deeper into the subject and enlighten us on whether project managers can easily become Agile and take part in the transformation, or what would be the changes they need to experience in order to still provide value to their teams after an Agile transformation.

To better work on the subject, it is important to recognize that traditional Project Management has several differences that won’t fit in an Agile workplace. However, it doesn’t mean that the abilities that Project Managers have made the effort to sharp throughout the years cannot be used in an Agile environment.

Whenever we face resistance to change we should tackle it creatively and compromise on both ends. An authoritarian transformation isn’t so different from a regular upper-command hierarchy. So how could we meet halfway, so Project Managers have a place in the new Agile Practices?

Take part in this debate and watch the full outcomes of the meeting here!

Key topics:

  • How Project Management can benefit Agile Transformations

  • Can Project Managers handle Agile Transformations?

  • Dealing with resistance to change: How will PM fit into an Agile environment?

  • Creating Job Progressions for PM’s and Agile Roles

  • The value of a Mixed Approach

Watch the full meeting here



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