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Lean UX: Design Thinking + Lean Startup + Agile

Every Wednesday, these Agile meetups talk to all agilists out there, regardless of their Agile experience. We discuss Agile transformations, high performing teams tips, scrum masters, and product owners’ topics, but in this session, we take the conversation one step further. What happens when an organization has gone Agile and has reached a certain level of maturity? What else is there? Our great speaker Ieasha Tatiano, head of Innovation at Tracfone, will be leading a next level type of conversation that will shed a light on what can reduce risks, and what could lead to legendary products such as Uber or an iPhone.

Better Together

When an organization and an Agile team have reached a high level of understanding of what a continuous improvement mindset is, the possibilities to look beyond are limitless. What does that look like? Everyone keeps their eyes and minds open to take the best out of existing disciplines and frameworks to create something marvelous. In that spirit, a Design Thinking and Lean Startup practitioner finds in Agile the missing part needed for incremental value delivery. As a result, here is her integrating view of these three human center designs:

“These three disciplines are like the Native American three sisters. The three plants that you plant together because they are symbiotic, and they build on each other, and if they are splinted and harvested together, they holistically take care of their environment, because they give back as much as they take. These three disciplines are very similar to that, what each discipline has as a weakness the other discipline has as a strength, and so when we knit them together, we create an almost infallible process that allows us to bring to market products and solutions that we can predict very clearly how customers can interact best…”

So how do they come together and bring clarity to create a stronger MVP?

Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, and Agile can work together to level up your game

Design thinking has these 5 blocks that can be used to deliver a product for testing; empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test. But the most effective part of this discipline lies in the first three; empathize, define and ideate. After these steps, stakeholders can have a very good idea of whom the end-user is, what do they like, what their needs are. However, when they hand in all this information about the end-user to the Agile team for them to start building an MVP, there is an existing gap that could lead to a bigger risk. The Agile team does not know if that product idea has sufficient data that could better predict product success. Here is where Lean Startup or Lean UX comes in, its value rests in providing a low-fidelity prototype that has been engaging with the customer enough to offer valuable data and so, more clarity. Here is where these disciplines come together to produce a lower risk and clearer MVP that will save up significant money for the company.

If you are interested in watching the full meetup, which we highly recommend, click on the link below and access the meetup recording.

Key topics:

  • Audience’s take on what Design Thinking, Lean UX, and Agile is

  • Overview of what Design Thinking, Lean UX and Agile is and how they come together

  • Design Thinking

  • Agile= Incremental Value

  • What is Lean UX?

  • Q&A

Watch the full meeting here:



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