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Little Known Facts about Solving Great Problems with Mindset and Communication

We hear a lot about how Problem Solving is an essential skill that many organizations look for in candidates. In fact, Business Insider mentioned it is one of the top five skills companies are looking for in 2021.

But how can we acquire, or improve this ability? Veronica Stewart, Mindset and Success Coach, will share with us the “secret sauce” of how to get better at Problem-Solving and the broader picture of the impact it can have in our lives.

In this meeting, you will learn how to identify your personal information system, how it affects your current problem-solving approach, and know how to use this technique with others to increase your communication and negotiation skills.

Key topics:

  • Seeing “Problems” as “Gifts”

  • Necessary skills for 2021 and beyond

  • Why do we tend to deal with “the wrong problems”?

  • What lies in our subconscious mind

  • Perception is Projection - Cause vs Effect

  • Representational Systems and how they affect our communication

  • Can we change our Representational Systems?

Watch the full video below here.



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