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Personal/Team Transformation Blueprint

Individual growth and change are essential components of transformation, and each person's journey to transcendence is unique. Everyone’s prosperity contributes to the team’s success in blooming to a higher level of accomplishment. Any attempt at transformation will be doomed to failure if it is missing this crucial component. Lack of self-development can cause the company's chances of effectively adapting to market changes to be relatively limited. Joseph Milton is gleeful to share his best practices on how to efficiently develop personal and team transformations towards gain and advancement.

Team Transformation

“There is more freedom in confessing our weaknesses and shortcomings than in pretending we have it all together.” -Lecrae

To lead the company towards an apparent success, you as a leader are responsible to be the shining example, as cliché as that may sound, that is the fundamental key to holding your team together so you could all progress to success. Changing one's mindset and behavior starts with oneself. When you have this, you can start with the new normal’s way of leadership. Nowadays, we don’t just assert dominance over our subordinates to accomplish the team’s goal but empower them on how to do so. It has been proven that generations have changed the way we approach certain things. Rather than forcefully implementing, we encourage, by doing so, we create harmonious and efficient team relationships. We measure effectiveness by seeing more purposeful outcomes rather than rush and short-term end products.

What is needed for personal transformation?

Everything takes hard work, therefore aiming for self-betterment doesn’t happen overnight. It is continuous progress that gets easier along the path but where do we start? Was there a pattern laid out we must follow? The answer is none. There’s no free pattern or diagram, as transformation is subjective, and it depends on the things individual wishes to accomplish but we had a free meet-up that presented advice on how to quickly kick start this change not just for personal but also for the team improvement. Let’s begin by determining how you should answer these few topics.

Identity Facilitation defines how you view yourself; how do you define your worth and value? Having a strong sense of self is essential as it enhances your character. To put it another way, people become better when they know themselves more deeply, gain faith in their abilities, and can recognize their assets.

Purpose Facilitation questions: what do you stand for? Own views and values towards other wide range of topics describe your morality and what you are as an individual co-existing with the people around you.

Values Facilitation adapted from Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead, in the video, Joseph Milton generated core values whereas people were asked to pick two and another two supporting values for each. For example, risk-taking is one of my core values and responsibility is what I think supports it because no matter the outcome, you should take responsibility for taking ownership of whatever the consequence would be.

Mindset Facilitation focuses on what current beliefs or attitudes could hurt your ability to deliver and what could aid you enrich your ability to deliver. Cultivated with the right mindset helps figure out your areas for improvement and will set you up for future success.

Habit Facilitation is knowing the habits that will help you convey your way of deliverance. What behaviors should be encouraged, and rewarded?


Team and personal transformation in organizational growth is a loop of progress, as the other won’t be as effective without the other. A team will be successful if each individual consisting of it, will reach their aspired personal transformation. The same goes with the teammates, if the team will not thrive for development, the subordinates won’t achieve their peak selves.

Key Topics:

  • What is the New Normal

  • Leading in the New Normal

  • Emerging Leadership Traits

  • Barriers to the Leadership Shift

  • How Will Effectiveness Be Measured?

  • Identity Facilitation

  • Purpose Facilitation

  • Values Facilitation

  • Mindset Facilitation

  • Habit Facilitation


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Andrew Robert
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