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Talent Leadership

Hiring companies are always on the lookout for the ideal engaged worker that pushes through and delivers high-end value. However, regardless of all the effort in the hiring process, attrition finds its way to pose a threat to the work team, the company, and finally productivity.

How do we stop this from happening? What is there to take into account so workers choose to stay?

Retention Strengthens The Team

When a company or a department understands the benefits of retention, there are visible and tangible working agreements (or policies) that place the worker in a growth environment. Some of the Agile best practices include empowering a team to experiment, fail fast and learn from mistakes. These also include working intentionally to foster communication and transparency among team members and peers. All of them drive a work culture that anyone would think twice to step away from. This culture is key to cultivate and nurture a high-performing team that not only saves the company money but innovates and delivers high-end value.

Engagement at work

Engagement is more than staying connected with work, peers, and leadership. When a worker feels and stays engaged, it’s because there is a sense of belonging. In other words, they stay long because they feel like they belong. Therefore, including the employee in the company’s vision is key to make them feel they play a part in achieving a common goal. How much value are you granting to engagement? How truly important is to address a work culture that communicates a sense of belonging to their employees?

An Inspiring Vision

A sense of belonging and purpose are both powerful reasons to remain in a workspace. The team should always have the clarity to understand and see how their contribution fits in the bigger picture. This is where a clear and shared vision among workers provides a sense of direction and meaning within every basic action. A company’s effort to effectively communicate and inspire the different work teams will translate into an exponential increase in the employee retention rate.

During our meetup session, both our speakers Carlos and Oscar Santofimio discussed the answers to the following questions during a 30-minute Q&A with Amie Knox: How can a company make sure their vision inspires their work team? Is it visible for everyone? Does it unite every initiative and effort in the same direction? If you are interested in checking out the answers, click on this link to watch the event’s recording.

Key topics:

  • Teamwork Inspiration / Apollo 13 Story

  • The Most Engaged Employee in the World

  • High Rotation & Mitigation

  • Attrition & Retention

  • The Cost of Attrition

  • Attrition Reasons

  • Current Situation

  • What About You? / Purpose

  • Love what you do

  • Talent Development & Retention

  • Team Motivation Recommendations


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