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The Importance of Testing and Engineering Practices for Agile Teams

Agility has its roots in the IT Development world and there still are many things we can learn and retrospect on. James Grenning, Coach in Agile technical practices and author “Test-Driven Development for Embedded C”, will be sharing a little of history and information about the Agile Manifesto past, present, and future and walk us through some of the Agile practices that are being underrated and that Agile teams (especially developers) should be doing.

Key topics:

  • The Agile manifesto in engineering

  • The 3 halves of Agile

  • The consequences of having software testing as the final step

  • The efficiency and benefits of Test-Driven Development

  • How to avoid the “fire-fighting” stage in your organization processes

Questions answered:

  • Should the number of "bugs" or "defects" solved be considered an important metric for organizations?

  • How can bug omission affect the processes and products?

  • How can focusing on defects be detrimental to processes?

  • When would you test your code using Test-Driven Development?

  • How does the Test-Driven Development fit into the sprints?

  • Why aren’t companies implementing Test-Driven Development? What are their complaints about it?

  • What should Agilists focus on in order to make work better in the next 20 years?

Watch the full meeting here:



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