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The Whys Behind The Scrum Events

This is the Process, Follow the process

As an Agile Coach and a Scrum Master, Rick Regueira has had the opportunity to work closely with different types of teams. During those years as a coach, it has become clear to him that many discussions, decision-making processes, and some other issues find their common ground within being Agile versus doing Agile struggle. In this meetup, Coach Rick looks at the Scrum Events and dives deeper right into the value (being Agile) instead of focusing on the process (doing Agile).

“I want to talk through the why of these scrum events, because we as Agile coaches, we as Scrum Masters have to make sure our team understands it. Rather than saying this is the process, follow the process.”

To get to the value these events provide to an Agile team, Regueira starts with questions such as; which one of the scrum events do you like the most? And out of all these events, which one would you pick to sell it to a non-Agile person? These types of questions get you out of the meeting structure, sticky notes type of answer. You need to communicate across the real reason that will make non-Agile think again, question their own system, or see their workflow with potentially different outcomes.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

To get real examples that illustrate the Scrum Values within each event, Coach Rick invited the audience to share their experience using stickies. In doing so, little by little it gets clearer what can foster a good culture in a work environment.

Here are some of the answers about how can the 5 Scrum Values be reflected in the Daily Daily Scrum:

Courage: In the Daily Scrum it takes courage to: Ask for a better story, learn to ask "Why?", don't back down from a difficult story, conflict, or goal, state impediments, and support your colleagues so that we can finish a story.

These are meaningful and valuable reasons behind Agile best practices in general, to be able to forge a high-performing team culture in an organization. Once this culture is in place, a strategy will run smoothly and will be effective because there’s a culture that drives the teams towards delivering continuous value.

Interested in getting a good grasp of the meetup’s details? Click on the link below and watch the entire session for free.

Key topics:

  • What’s your favorite Scrum Event?

  • What and how would you sell a Scrum Event to a non-Agile Person?

  • Scrum Framework

  • Scrum Values

  • How do you see the Scrum Frameworks Demonstrated in

    • Daily Scrum

    • Backlog Refinement

Watch the full meeting here:



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