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Transformation Experts gives back to the community by providing Free Remote Workshops!

Transformation Experts has worked in the field of delivering successful initiatives for over 20 years. Our coaches, trainers, and support team are hyper focused on growing your business by educating employees with the latest agility frameworks that fits your organization's structure and culture.

Stronger together

We gather our strength by helping others. We have run hundreds of free seminars that help professionals stay up to date with the latest best practices. Most recently, we ran a remote session for over 200 participants on remote high performing teams. We received an overwhelming amount of gratitude and praise for the interactive remote session. The final picture is a tribute to everyone that is facing difficult times. We are showing our commitment to continue to support all of you and to keep us united. We are all raising our hands in unity to show we are connected.


Professional Development Tools for Uncertain Times

This week on Thursday, April 30th, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, we will run another free remote session that focuses on individuals that are out of work and want to improve their marketability. Please join our free meetup. We are expecting over 200 participants. Can't wait to see what picture we will take after that session. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your support.

Stay safe.

Rick Regueira

Enterprise Agile Coach

Transformation Experts.



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