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What Does Agility Truly Mean?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

How do we start the conversation?

Are you ready to introduce Agile to your organization? How do you start the initial conversation? It can be an awkward conversation at the start. Some of the opening lines may go like this: “What are our current pain points?" "Are we delivering enough value to our customers?" "Are we ready to do something different, then Agile may be something we want to try." That may be followed by "What is Agile?" "Agile is doing things differently with faster and better outcomes!” or, “We can adopt Scrum to organize some complex tasks and processes while we come together as a team”.

So, what if we change the scope of this initial conversation to start with the basics?, the fundamental of what Agility truly is. A conversation that conveys that the decision to go Agile went through a process of understanding that Agility brings a mind shift in a positive way regardless of the business in which people are involved. A conversation that emphasizes the value in being responsive, changing quickly and frequently, adapting to your current situation or surroundings.

Agility in a Barber Shop

Our speaker, Chibuzo, chose to share with the audience how he started the Agility conversation with his barber who was having a tough time in his business. He started asking questions about his work schedule, why did he open the barbershop from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm? What if you consider your customer’s needs a bit more? Would you be flexible enough to try a different schedule that would allow people to have a haircut after they get off work? Maybe a simple change in your process could bring in as a result a good win.

The conversation moved onto different aspects of being Agile that translate into a better business for him. He continued to share about how getting out of the block fast and being intentional would add more value as it would unlock different strategies. He talked about how creating a good relationship with his customers sets his services apart from others. It also adds more flexibility to the current way he relates with his buyers. Not setting in your own ways is an important aspect of being Agile.

If you are interested in getting a deeper understanding of what Agility truly means, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the full video here. Participate in this conversation with our great speaker Chi.

Key topics:

  • What Agility is not

  • What do we think Agility is all about?

  • What do we think of a Cheetah-Agility preamble?

  • Flexibility

  • Getting out of the block and Be intentional

  • Costumer Client Responsiveness

  • Adaptability

  • Sustainability

Watch the full meeting here:



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