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 LCIF Practices






Executive Support



Results & Transition

Orlando's Agile2023 Conference

The Agile2023 conference was a resounding success, having brought together Agile communities in a vibrant celebration of exploration, innovation, and advancement of Agile values and principles. The event provided a dynamic space for people and ideas to flourish, fostering an environment where attendees shared valuable experiences and forged new connections. The conference played a pivotal role in nurturing collaboration and pushing the boundaries of Agile methodologies.

Agile International Conference 2022

The first Agile International Conference in South Florida gathered hundreds of Agilists from all over the world, who shared their Agile expertise with over 200 hundred attendees!

Experienced Agile Speaker

3. Department Retrospectives

​Execute the Department Workshop:

  • Establish baseline and comfort level of individuals in the room to be completely transparent

  • Prioritize the pain points

  • Share the results to get feedback and alignment

Group of workers having a meeting

4. Executive Alignment

Executive & Managers alignment:

  • Align and commit on major pain points

  • Clearly identify deliverables that they will all commit to as a team

  • The coach helps team establish accountability for themselves


2. Leadership buy-in

The coach shares the Leadership Continuous Improvement Framework with organizations and its leadership team.

  • Leaders commit to providing a supportive environment

  • Leaders continue aligning with the coach and the teams

Business meeting

1. Coaching Analysis

Conduct Organizational Surveys:


  • Share results with departments and its employees

  • Establish an open dialog for transparency

Two persons checking a contract

5. Execute LCIF Practices

Executive Leadership Agile best practices:

  • Leadership approaches

  • Tools & Deliverables

  • Leadership Capabilities

Leader showing a chart on a tablet

6. Review Results

Review our progress on a cadence:

  • Each group will showcase what they have been able to complete

  • Celebrate their learnings and successes

3 persons watching somethign in a paper
Group of business workers having a meeting

7. Secure Executive Support

Executive support:

  • Cross Department Retrospectives 

  • Organizational Alignment

8. Celebrate Results & Transition

Success and Transition:

  • Build self-sufficient teams

  • Build High Performing Teams

  • Share learnings with organizations

Group of Conference atendees clapping

Impacting Leaders through the Agile Mindset

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Our way to focus on Agile Leadership

Agile Transformation Summit 2018

​The South Florida Agile Association (SFAA) brought in top international and local speakers for a one-day conference in 2018. This was an exclusive event for 100 attendees focusing on one of the key challenges facing organizations: “How to transform your company to be able to support today’s dynamic marketplace.”

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Agile International Conference AIC 2023

The Agile International Conference 2023 (AIC 2023) delivered a dynamic one-day experience, bringing together global and local experts to address the pressing challenge of "Business Agility Beyond IT." With a focus on transforming companies to thrive in today's dynamic marketplace, the event offered exclusive insights, strategies, and networking opportunities.

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